Break Out of Your Bubble in 2017


Most of us live inside a 24/7 bubble that defines us. We listen to one news station, hang out in the small radius of our neighborhoods and dress in one style of clothes.

What if we got out of our bubble this year and resolved to interact differently with others or learn something new?

There are pragmatic benefits to learning new perspectives to call on. It helps us adapt to new situations, feeds innovations, and deepens our character. Therefore, making us more inspiring and encouraging to others. 

Here are a few tips to burst your bubble, jump start your health, and end a few 2016 woes:

1.    Bring patience to the office

Not everyone thinks exactly as you do, so it is important to understand where others are coming from.

2.    Ground yourself

Spend time with those who don’t have the same privileges as you do. Working with others who are less privileged than you, encourages our sensitivity.

3.    Perform small acts of kindness

Generosity and giving to others has shown to improve mental health, sense of belonging, and well-being.

4.    Expand your network

Interact with people from different cultures, walks of life, professions, and generations. It will give you a new perspective on your world.

5.    Make yourself happy

Don’t forget to focus on yourself. Take a trip, work on art, listen to music and sleep on a beach – whatever makes you happy.

6.    Find new ways to manage stress

Practice time management, reframe your problems, adjust old standards. Will today’s issue matter in one month, six months or a year from now? If the answer is no, put your energy elsewhere.

7.    Work on your mental health

Learn meditation, yoga or Tai Chi. Try something new to find out what brings you joy.

8.    Pick one new healthy habit each month

Let February be ‘eat leafy greens month’ or ‘take the stairs month.’

9.    Quit one bad habit each month

Pick one: Quit smoking, sugary foods, eating late at night… the choice is yours!

10.    Spend more time with loved ones

The key to an ideal work-life balance is organization and a calendar to schedule downtime. Be sure to plan meals together as well as excursions that are healthy, balanced, and fun.

                Wishing you all a happy and healthy 2017!




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